Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Urdu news Channel—Aalami Sahara

New Delhi: Sahara News Network launched broadcast Urdu news channel “Aalami Sahara”, it’ll broadcast news in 54 countries. The company is a part of business firm Sahara India, which published a weekly-magazine Aalmi Sahara, Urdu daily Roznama Rashtriya Sahara, and a monthly-tabloid Bazm-e-Sahara.
Urdu is spoken in many countries special in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Urdu is national language of Pakistan. Sahara news network editor and news director Upendra Rai said, “In India, there are more than nine crore people, who speak and understand Urdu... there is a huge market opportunity that we are looking at tapping while presenting news to these viewers in their own language.”
"We are targeting to reach 25 million households in the first year," he said. This channel would be broadcast in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and many other countries also. This channel will get success sooner in these countries as compare to other countries.
Sahara News Network has national Hindi news channel 'Samay' and regional news channel under the brand name of 'Sahara Samay'.


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